Wooden Clocks in Liverpool!

Here at BRDWatches, I have a large passion for wooden clocks. As a carpenter who specialises in woodworking and creating large clocks such as grandfather clocks, I am obsessed with blocks around the world. It is a profession that has been handed down within my family for many generations, and I have developed a deep love and passion for the industry. As someone who has also travelled around the world, I have managed to see many different clocks around the world. This probably won’t sound very interesting to many people around the world, but hopefully the only people that are reading this blog are people who share the same hobby too!

In fact, within my travels around the world I have managed to see many different wooden clocks inspired by many different cultures. My favourite type of wooden clock are grandfather clocks, and although many feels that they must be the same general look and design, I disagree with this significantly. Some of the amazing patterns and designs that I have been able to see around the world of grandfather clocks have been really inspiring and eye opening to me. There are so many that are inspired or designed by the culture of the country that they are from, and others that are even designed and inspired just by the city that it was made in. There are many carpenters and clockmakers around the world that are culturally proud, so being able to see these clocks come to life has been interesting to see.

Some of the clock makers and carpenters around the world are also incredible at wood carving. I hadn’t realised how many amazing wood carved patterns you can make in the sides and face of the clock itself. Depending on the size and scale of the clock itself, it also allows for a larger space of creativity that is amazing to see. When they can create such grand designs and creative carvings, it really becomes a skill that you feel you need to learn just to be able to be as creative and skilled as them. The layer of imprinting that is open to wood carvers are also something that is amazing to take advantage of. Many of the carpenters also ensure to create a thick, wood filled clock as opposed to one that is hollowed. This makes for more detailed and impressive designs.

Finally, another thing that is interesting depending on the culture that the clock was created in is the paints that can be used. This is something that I do unfortunately disagree with. I think painting a clock rather than a standard finish and polish is something that is unnecessary and slightly ruins the overall enjoyment of the clock itself. Half of the appeal of grandfather clocks are the amazing materials that can be used to create grandfather clocks. Since there are so many different types of timber that can be used to create these clocks that can look amazing after polishing, and with some of the potential carvings that can be created, make the clock even more amazing than first thought.

Hopefully you enjoyed todays blog post. This is the first blog post I have ever made so I am sorry if it has been a bit of a ramble. I hope to be able to structure my next posts better and keep on a specific topic.


Thanks for reading!

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